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Another bonus to RealTimes is that your friends don’t have to join it or use it in order to enjoy your stories, photos and videos. Once you’ve finalized your photo story, you can share it on Facebook where it will appear as an embedded video, making it instantly accessible on all your friends’ timelines. If the first scan of your photos doesn’t create the story you were hoping for, you can ask it to remix the results and come up with something completely new. Once you’ve got the basics of what you want to work with, RealTimes allows you to make additional changes, such as altering the transition effects between items, adding music or changing the order in which the photographs appear. RealTimes is a free application that includes 2GB of cloud storage. Users can choose to increase the storage available by selecting the ‘Auto Upload’ feature which routinely uploads all your photos and videos to the cloud, converting them into stories along the way. The only real negative of the free version is that all stories are limited to 30 seconds so, if you want to produce longer narratives, you’ll need to consider upgrading. RealTimes has a lot of great features that help you get the most out of recording and sharing your life story.



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